What leadership skills are required in CIO?

What leadership skills are required in CIO?

CIO is the chief information officer, and it is considered to be a very senior executive level position in any business enterprise. Such a professional is always looked upon with respect and awe by the employees of organization. The authority that   a CIO creates has lot of relevance to its designation. A CIO is a leader in strictest sense. Here are few leadership skills that the CIO should possess within him:

Committed to be the leaders – A true CIO will always make sure that he is available to help employees at the time of their problems. The CIO understands that anything that needs to be achieved can only be achieved through the people, by the people and with the support of the people. The leaders in true sense, CIO will live to the idea that he or she is there to act like a leader.

Lead from a different sense and thought- A CIO is by every means is a creative personality. He or she is a perfect combination of complex thinker and astute mind. The CIO will act in a collaborative way when the situation demands. He will not just use his or her smartness but also the analytical skills. The net result is always to make everything more solution friendly.

Uses the vulnerable side – At times, the CIO will not hesitate to express his or her vulnerable attitude with the purpose to create deep and high level of connectivity. Vulnerability works in a positive manner for the CIO as it inspires the people inside as well as outside the framework of an organization. Vulnerability always comes to the rescue of CIO.

Manage the relationships effectively – A high performing CIO will always plan out the strategies and spend valuable part of their time in managing relationships with their external suppliers, internal peers and the customers too. This is a pretty hard thing to do, but he will make sure that everything goes in the right direction.

Possess effective communication skills – The CIO has faculties to take the advantage of situation by constantly reiterating the core message of their organization along with the values. A CIO will put complete focus on the consistency, clarity, and authenticity of the message being delivered.

If you are a CIO, make sure you have the above skills inherent and clearly visible. You should not take your designation for granted, or else you face the ire of your management.

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Syed Azher is the Board Member of BITS and Head of IT for Ibdar Bank, Bahrain. He writes about Project Management, IT Leadership, Business Process re-engineering, networking, security, data centers, network management, and other topics.

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