Tips on delivering service excellence

Tips on delivering service excellence

Delivering services in IT industry to customer satisfaction is a difficult job altogether. Studies have shown that it is very hard to win a new customer than to retain the already existing one. Customers by very nature are not loyal. They are influenced in one or the other way. Companies always make double the effort to closely link to the emotional level of their customers as this helps in long lasting relationship with your brand. But, what companies are focusing these days is not just simple delivery of the product, but trying hard to develop a strong bond with their customers.

Companies are looking out for the strategies that will help them to provide unique experience to their customers. The strategies will help companies to ascertain what ate the proactive ways to anticipate the needs of their customers as well as their expectations. Excellence in service is helping the companies to meet the expectations of the end users. IT Information Library (ITIL) is playing significant role in IT service delivery. Excellence in the IT service delivery is the typical attitude that forms the part of IT department in every organization. This attitude starts as well as ends with the people from the CEO to the base level employee.

Here are some tips that will help you to put your complete focus on the key elements of customer service excellence:

  • Lay undue stress on providing top quality service at all costs. Do not make any compromises on the quality of service.
  • Create the customer experience that is worthy, unique and gives the best value proposition to your customers.
  • Respect the time as well as opinion of your customers. They will bring you repeat business. It is one of the most crucial aspects of life.
  • It is very necessary that you segment your customers and know their attitude in buying.
  • Measure the satisfaction as well as the engagement of your customers as this will help you to know what they really want.
  • Your focus should be on educating, encouraging and using the incentive plans to help your employees know what is really good for your customers.
  • Solve the problems of our customers as quickly as you can and transform them into real time advocated.

Keep in your mind the above tips and give your customers the advantage of knowing your products. Your respect for the customers is always respected and appreciated by them.

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Syed Azher is the Board Member of BITS and Head of IT for Ibdar Bank, Bahrain. He writes about Project Management, IT Leadership, Business Process re-engineering, networking, security, data centers, network management, and other topics.

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