About BITS

About BITS

The Bahrain Information Technology Society formerly known as the Bahrain Computer Society was founded in march 1981, with the main objectives of promoting the Information Technology profession in the Kingdom of Bahrain and improving the awareness of general public and the community to events and development in Information Technology. The society achieves its objectives by providing a forum for information interchange on current and future trends in the IT development. The information is communicated through a process of regular meetings, seminars, conferences, lectures, and by the publication of news-letters, periodicals, and electronic news letters


BITS provides leadership in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) by developing and promoting professional development. By endorsing, reviewing developing, information, quality standards, practices, research, and certification within a professional framework.


– Professionalism.
– Education, Training, Awareness and Knowledge development.
– Innovation and creativity.
– Accountability.

Goals and Objectives

* To promote professionalism with the ICT industry.
* To determine, develop and maintain the integrity and competence of professional and individuals active in ICT.
* To advance the research, theory and practice of ICT in Bahrain and GCC.
* To promote the professional networking and free interchange of ICT knowledge.
* To establish a public awareness of the potential impact of ICT and to protect the public and individuals against the misuse of ICT.
* To maintain competency and ethical standards for local certification.
* To provide timely, relevant and quality knowledge, information and services to support and enhance the role of the IT professional.
* To improve marketing and communications to raise the profile of BITS and attract individuals to pursue professional certifications/designations.
* To participate in relevant public policy debates on behalf of members, the ICT profession and the public.